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FAI Licences

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Cover letter

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, 

We are working for the French DGAC in the strategic and technical affairs department, which includes people in charge of prospective, development and environment and other in charge of international affairs (see the website link : 
More specifically, we are in charge of benchmarking studies. 

We are presently doing a study on general aviation and sport aviation, and would be very interested in knowing the situation in Europe regarding the field of microlights, initiation flight and parachuting. We have sent the attached questionnaires to the Civil aviation administrations of the different European countries, but we know that in some of them, this matter is dealt exclusively with by the sports federation. This is the reason why we are also sending you these questionnaires. 

We would appreciate if you could answer the questions of your concern and provide us with the results by e-mail (end of September would be great).  

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation in the matter. 

Best regards. 

   - Questionnaire on Microlight and situation in France; (voir pièces jointes)
    - Questionnaire on "initiation" flight; (voir pièces jointes)
    - Questionnaire on parchuting. (voir pièces jointes)