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Update your radio to 8.33 kHz - Eurocontrol is looking

All aircraft are required to migrate their communication radio to the 8.33 kHz band before end of this year.

2017 was the year where the old 20 kHz communication radios on board of aircraft had to be updated to the new 8.33 kHz standard.

The DGTA-DGLV sent us recently the following message, indicating that Eurocontrol will not allow flight plans for aircraft not equipped with the new technology.

Here follows a copy of the received message:


Dear Miss, Dear Sir,


According to the Network Manager (Eurocontrol), a few Belgian aircraft recently filed flight plans without indicating an 8.33 kHz equipage on board the aircraft.

In accordance with Article 5.4 of Regulation 1079/2012, may we kindly ask you to remind your members that, from 1st January 2018, an operator shall not operate an aircraft in airspace where radio is required unless the aircraft radio is 8.33 kHz compatible and that the Network Manager will reject such flight plans as of 1st January 2018 ?

For those members whose aircraft are equipped, may we ask you to remind them to make sure that the letter Y is inserted in item 10 of their flight plans ?


Kind regards,


Head CNS Department
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